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Jaguar C-Type Replica

Jaguar C-Type Replica

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Jaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type Replica
Jaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type Replica
Jaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type Replica
Jaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type ReplicaJaguar C-Type Replica
Lot number 140
Hammer value £39,000
Description Jaguar C-Type Replica
Registration 4 BCX
Year 2012
Colour British Racing Green
Engine size 4,235 cc
Chassis No. REM19026320052012
Engine No. 8L588135

Widely regarded as the most desirable Jaguar of all time, the legendary C-Type was launched in 1951 with one aim in mind – to win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

This it succeeded in doing at its first attempt, a C-Type driven by Peter Walker and Peter Whitehead coming home some 7 miles in front of the second placed Talbot-Lago entered by a French team. In 1953 the feat was repeated in spades with C-Types coming home in 1st, 2nd and 4th – being helped enormously by the fact that they now had disc brakes on all four wheels.

That it was also arrestingly beautiful was just a bonus, a classic example of form following function as is often the case with things designed purely to do a job of work, like an aircraft propeller, Concorde or the hull of a Viking longship.

The C-Type was powered by a tuned version of the 3.4-litre engine from the contemporary XK120, initially producing some 205bhp in SU carburettor form, but rising to 230bhp with Weber carbs fitted. The lightweight tubular chassis was designed by Bob Knight and the aerodynamic body by Malcolm Sayer. Only 52 C-Types were made in total before it was replaced by the D-Type in 1954 and if you could ever find one for sale it would cost you in excess of £2m to secure it.

This particular car is a painstaking recreation of an original C-Type, based on a kit by Realm Engineering, that has been meticulously built by the engineer owner over a period of seven years, the whole process documented in a large file of bills and photographs.

Much of the running gear comes from the donor vehicle, a 1977 Jaguar XJ6 4.2, but the engine has been fully rebuilt by Jaguar specialists VSE at a cost of over £3,000 and fitted with the correct cam covers with embossed C-Type badging. A high-torque starter motor has also been fitted along with a tubular stainless steel exhaust and all-new brake and suspension parts. The gearbox is a 5-speed manual from a Toyota Supra, this being a highly rated unit that easily copes with the prodigious power of the XK engine.

The GRP bodywork is superb and has been treated to a top quality paint job in British Racing Green that cost over £5,000. The finish is excellent with none of the rippling or bubbling that often afflicts GRP paintwork. The seats have been professionally trimmed in green leather and Willans safety harnesses fitted for an authentic race car appearance, while a black crackle-finish dash, a MotaLita woodrim steering wheel and an alloy Monza fuel filler cap complete the period look. A battery cut-off switch is fitted to the right of the driver and a Laserline immobiliser has also been discreetly installed to keep thieves at bay.

The car rides on a set of new 16” painted wire wheels with chromed Jaguar spinners, all shod with new Avon TurboSteel tyres, 185 wide and V-rated to cope with the high speeds of which the car is capable. A spare wheel and wheel changing kit are housed in a lockable compartment behind the rear number plate. The car has been professionally 4-wheel aligned to keep it tracking straight and true.

A full tonneau cover is also included with a removable chrome centre bar to keep it taut when fitted. The period 4 BCX number plates are also included and the car is registered as a 2012 Realm Engineering C-Type Jaguar on the V5C.

Since the build was completed the car has only covered some 800 miles and is said to drive superbly. It certainly fired up promptly and sounded wonderful as we manoeuvred it for these photographs, the engine running beautifully smoothly and the side-exit exhaust emitting a spine-tingling bark with every twitch of the accelerator.

Built to the highest possible standards and MOTd and taxed until June, this fabulous C-Type recreation needs nothing other than a proud second owner behind the wheel and is guaranteed to draw a huge amount of attention wherever it goes. Okay, its not the real deal but we love it nonetheless!

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